+ Associate

At Vivid Salon, Associates are individuals who are graduates of a Cosmetology or Barber school or Stylists who value furthering their education in the industry and were interested in joining the Vivid Salon team. All individuals participate in our very thorough training program that could take anywhere from 6 to 9 months to complete in order to become a Service Provider. Associates will learn advanced techniques in haircutting and styling as well as hair color. The Educators will work side by side with the Associates to help them become comfortable communicating with guests and demonstrating professionalism along with getting their creative minds going. Associates are striving to earn their position on our team as a Level 1 Stylist. We always want to provide an excellent experience for our guests, and with the help of our amazing Associate program, we can provide experienced stylists from the ground up.

+ Level 2

Stylists are promoted to Level 2 upon reaching goals and standards set by our company. Level 2 stylists are required to attend all in-salon classes as well as out of salon education provided by some of the world’s most elite Stylists. As a Level 2, they are now one step further in their salon career.

+ Level 4

In addition to completing all educational requirements, a Level 4 stylist will now have at least 3 to 4 years experience with Vivid Salon. They have met personal and companywide goals to achieve this promotion. Level 4 Stylists now may choose to become an educator for our in-salon Associate Program.

+ Level 1

After graduating from the Associate program to a Level 1 stylist, we like to say they have received the training that would normally take 3-4 years in other salons. The education doesn’t stop there. We have many in-salon classes scheduled every year that are mandatory for all Associates, Level 1 and Level 2 stylists to attend. Level 1 stylists are ready to give you the look you are searching for while creating a great experience.

+ Level 3

As a Level 3, their technical skills, knowledge of hair color and principles, as well as their approach for formulating color and corrective color situations are a main factor at this level.

+ Level 4A & 4AA

Level 4A and 4AA is the highest position that a stylist can achieve at Vivid Salon. They are the educators for all of the Associates in our salon. They work side by side with one or two Associates as a 'Team'. Associates will be instructed by the Level 4 and Level 4AA stylists to perform tasks such as color applications & styling on guests. This system allows us the opportunity to be more accommodating to the specific needs of our guests.